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April 16, 2014

Under HB 8, employers must provide reasonable accommodations, such as more frequent water and bathroom breaks. Full- and part-time workers could request less physically-taxing duties and more flexibility in their schedules.

April 16, 2014

The Pier 1 case is hardly unusual, said Emily Martin of the National Women’s Law Center, and is symptomatic of a larger, national disgrace.

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Chris Turner

We helped pass landmark health care reform legislation and end insurers’ practices of charging women higher premiums than men, excluding coverage for maternity care and treating domestic violence and Cesarean sections as pre-existing conditions.

A coach in Birmingham, Alabama, Roderick Jackson was not afraid to speak his mind. When he witnessed the inferior practice and game conditions provided for his girls’ high school basketball team, compared to those provided for the boys, he complained to school administrators, calling it as he saw it: unfair sex discrimination.

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If you had any doubt that the new health care law is helping women and their families get health insurance – and given the Chicken Little-level hysteria that seems to still affect critics of the new law, you can be forgiven for harboring a few doubts – a new survey released yesterday should calm those fears. 

Last week, Governor LePage blocked health coverage to hardworking Maine residents by vetoing a bill that would have provided Medicaid to 70,000 people. Mainers are in dire need of affordable health coverage and Governor LePage’s shameful veto denies women access to the care they need. 

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Beyond the #8Million Americans who have signed up for health cov'g through the marketplaces, 3 million more now have cov'g through #Medicaid
1 hour 58 min ago
In the past, abortion information wasn't common, partly because it was just covered as part of regular health care.
2 hours 27 min ago
RT @WhiteHouse: “No woman can be charged more just for being a woman. Those days are over.” —President Obama #8Million #WomenSucceed
2 hours 59 min ago