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August 18, 2014

Neena Chaudhry, senior counsel at the National Women's Law Center, points to the problem here: that the student didn't know that by talking to the doctor about the alleged assault, she had "reported" to the university.

August 12, 2014

But now, nearly 35 years after the graduation of the service academies’ first female students, there are many women who need Title IX's protections, said Neena Chaudhry, senior counsel at the National Women's Law Center. “The exemption is built into the statute, but you should have to show that you still need that,” Chaudhry said.

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Chris Turner

We helped pass landmark health care reform legislation and end insurers’ practices of charging women higher premiums than men, excluding coverage for maternity care and treating domestic violence and Cesarean sections as pre-existing conditions.

As a law student at American University, Grace Pazdan learned that students were being denied prescription contraceptive coverage under the University’s mandatory student health plan, when virtually all other prescription drugs were covered. Grace and her fellow students contacted the NWLC and began organizing a grass roots campaign to raise awareness of this discrimination.

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This week, the New York Times featured a front-page profile of Jannette Navarro, a mom who works as a barista at a Starbucks in New York City. Jannette’s story shows how the scheduling practices of major chains are unsustainable for moms who need child care, as well as highly detrimental to their children, who bear the brunt of a lack of stability.

Today, as we watch a continued violent police crackdown on protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, where 18 year-old unarmed Michael Brown was shot in the back and killed by a police officer, we must make clear that police violence is a reproductive justice issue.

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FACT: Without #SocialSecurity, nearly half of women sixty-five and older would be poor.
14 hours 50 min ago
Most plans must cover lactation counseling for breastfeeding moms without extra costs: #NBM14
15 hours 59 min ago
SCOTUS got it wrong - Hobby Lobby hurts #ReligiousLiberty! Your boss & their faith shouldn't impact your health. #FixHobbyLobby
17 hours 9 min ago