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Judiciary Committee Approves Attorney General Nominee, NWLC Urges Swift Floor Vote

February 26, 2015

(Washington, D.C.)  The Senate Judiciary Committee today approved the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be the Attorney General of the United States, a full 110 days since President Barack Obama announced it. Her nomination will now move to the Senate floor for a full vote.

Lynch, who would be the country’s first African American woman to serve as Attorney General, is exceptionally qualified for the position. She currently serves as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, a position to which she was unanimously confirmed by the Senate.  In addition, she has been a partner in a private law firm and an adjunct law professor. She has held leadership roles in Department of Justice committees and served on the Boards of Directors of numerous non-profit organizations and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

U.S. Department of Education Finds NYC Public School System in Violation of Title IX, Thousands of Girls Missing Opportunity to Play Sports

February 24, 2015

(Washington, D.C.) In response to a complaint filed by the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) in 2010, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has found that the New York City Department of Education (the District), which operates the public schools in New York City and is the largest educational system in the United States, has violated Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, by failing to provide high school girls with equal opportunities to play sports as boys.

Women Gain 39 Percent of New Jobs in January, Half in Low-Wage Sectors, NWLC Analysis Shows

February 6, 2015

(Washington, D.C.)  Women gained 39 percent of jobs added in January—but half of women’s gains were in the low-wage sectors of retail and leisure & hospitality, according to new analysis by the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) of data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

“The economy is moving in the right direction, but we need to step on the gas—not ease off,” said Joan Entmacher, Vice President for Family Economic Security. “Half of women’s job gains last month were in low-wage sectors that don’t pay enough to support a family. The smart investments in President Obama’s budget would allow more women and their families to share in the nation’s growing prosperity—mindless cuts by Congress to education, job training, health care, transportation, and other vital programs will hurt families now and for years to come.”

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Pregnancy Discrimination Case Brings Together Unusual Allies

December 3, 2014

"The Fourth Circuit, in our view, erroneously said that the plain language of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act... couldn't mean that literally," Marcia Greenberger, co-president of the National Women’s Law Center, said to reporters this week. "Of course, we think it does mean it literally."

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Pregnancy Complication

December 1, 2014

A joint report published in 2013 by the National Women’s Law Center and A Better Balance noted that even seemingly easy fixes, like allowing a woman to carry a water bottle or to sit down periodically, have been denied time and again.


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