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Administration Plans to Nominate Individuals to Fill the Three Vacancies on the D.C. Circuit

Last week, the Senate unanimously confirmed Sri Srinivasan to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals by a vote of 97-0, filling one of four vacancies on that important court. But that leaves three current vacancies on the D.C. Circuit, one of which has been open since 2005, when then-Judge John Roberts was elevated to the Supreme Court. As we noted last week, it is critical to fill these vacancies on this important court, which is commonly considered second in importance only to the Supreme Court. Filling these vacancies is long overdue. 


Judicial appointee's

For the past few decades we have heard the media claim.."Liberal Courts", when in fact it is the Bush appointee's that allowed Banks to be, " Too big to jail", while they brazenly Laundered drug money and made billions! We lost 69 Judicial appointee's when the GOP refused to allow Clinton to name 69 of his appointments and then Bush filled those too, NOT ONE of Bush's appointee's was objected to! So far very few of Obama's judicial appointee's have even been voted on. Never in history has a Congress been so incredibly abusive and destructive as to treat any President this way. This abuse of Congress powers must end. Stop the GOP Congress games and if Congress refuses to do their jobs, then allow this President to go ahead and fill these posts in anyway he legally can without this do nothing congress and their chronic abusive obstructions.

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