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A Big Step for Paycheck Fairness

We reached an important moment in the Stop Discounting Women campaign last week. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed a cloture petition on the Paycheck Fairness Act—in Washington Beltway language that means the bill is being prepared for a vote when the Senate returns in November.

This is a huge opportunity. We started the campaign with the rallying cry "Women Are Not WorthLess" to bring attention to the 23 percent wage gap women face compared to their male counterparts. Our first goal was to help pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. And now, thanks to your support, the bill is not only set up for a vote, but it could be one of the first votes the Senate takes when it returns in November!

In this tough economy, more and more families are counting on women's earnings. Unfair pay practices make things even harder. The Paycheck Fairness Act would deter wage discrimination by closing loopholes in the Equal Pay Act and bar retaliation against workers who disclose their wages to coworkers.

Tell your Senators loud and clear that Women Are Not WorthLess.

Even if you have taken action before, we need you to do it again and again. November is just around the corner, and we need to keep the pressure on.


Paycheck Fairness

As a Professional Engineer, I can vouch for how badly this is needed. Until the law is clear and strict against discrimination, employers will continue to discriminate because they don't have to worry about losing a lawsuit and they have employment liability insurance to pay their lawyers.  It's a crime what they have gotten away with. I know.

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