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Blog for Fair Pay Day 2011 – The Posts

MomsRisingToday is Blog for Fair Pay Day! We've teamed up with MomsRising to bring you blogs on equal pay throughout the day.

We'll be adding links to posts from our participants to this article throughout the day – so keep an eye out here for the latest!

We've put together some great new resources in honor of Equal Pay Day, starting with a statement on today's re-introduction of the Fair Pay Act Also check out our new factsheets on pay secrecy, the "factors other than sex" loophole in the Equal Pay Act and how the Paycheck Fairness Act resolves it, an update on the Lilly Ledbetter Act an update on the Lilly Ledbetter Act and the wage gap's implications for women in this economy. And in other fair-pay news, don't forget to vote in the last round of Wal-Mart Manager Madness!

What's Being Said on Twitter:


From the Blogs:

Stop Wal-Mart From Discriminating Against Women

ACLU Blog of Rights
A Crisis Averted?

Alliance for Justice
National Equal Pay Day and the Fight for Fairness

Alliance for Women in Media
Wearing and Seeing Red over Equal Pay

Beauty Schooled
Blog for Fair Pay Day 2011: Why Part-Time Beauty Work Widens the Gender Gap

Chasing Domestic Bliss
Fair Pay

Fair and Feminist
Blog for Fair Pay

Feminist Majority Foundation's Choices Campus Blog
Equal Pay Day: Promoting the Rights of ALL Workers

Flourish Counseling
Personal Reflections on Wage Inequality

Hello Ladies
It’s Equal Pay Day, Let’s Try This Again

Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Visualizing the Gender Wage Gap
A College Student’s Take on the Gender Wage Gap

Kristin Maschka
A Woman’s Work on Pay Equity is Never Done

Marlo Thomas
Another Equal Pay Day? Really?

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on Equal Pay Day, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis
Paycheck Fairness: Progress for America’s Women and Economic Security For the Middle Class, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Let's Make Equal Pay for Equal Work a Reality
, Senator Tom Harkin
Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work; Let's Pass Fair Pay Legislation
, Senator Frank Lautenberg
Fighting for Jobs in an Economy that Works for Everyone
, Senator Barbara Mikulski
I’m reintroducing the Paycheck Fairness Act today, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro
Fair Pay: It Starts at the Interview! A recent college grad's experience
Paycheck Fairness Now!
Don’t shortchange our moms, daughters and families! A Blog-a-thon for Fair Pay Day

Ms. JD
Ceteris Paribus: Equal Pay Day 2011

Ms. Magazine
On Equal Pay Day, Busting 4 Top Myths About the Wage Gap

National Council for Research on Women
Mind the (Gender Wage) Gap

National Partnership for Women & Families
Wage Discrimination and the Fight for Fair Pay
Women and Families of Color Cannot Wait for Equal Pay
When Women Do Better, Families Do Better and the Nation Can Thrive

National Women's Law Center
Once And For All – Stop Discounting Women!, Marcia D. Greenberger, Co-President
Wage Gap Fails to "Magically Disappear", Carrots Still Don't Taste Like Chocolate
Stop Discounting Women
Closing the Wage Gap is Important for African-American and Hispanic Women
Taking to the Streets for Equal Pay

People for the American Way
PFAW urges you to contact Congress for Equal Pay

My 2 Cents on 75 Cents Still Doesn’t Equal One Dollar

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
FAQs on Equal Pay Day

Say It Sister! NOW's Blog for Equality
Equal Pay is NOT JUST a Women's Issue - It's Everyone's Issue and the Lack of It Affects our Health

Fighting to end our persistent gender pay wage gap

Wider Opportunities for Women
Sadly, Equal Pay is Still an Issue

Women's Campaign Forum
What would you do with an extra three month’s pay?

Women of Color Policy Network
Equal Pay Day: A National Call for Pay Equity and Closing the Gender Wage Gap


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