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Celebrating Roe’s Impact on LGBT Rights

It’s no secret the anniversary of Roe v. Wade holds a special place in the hearts of women’s rights advocates. But this anniversary has special meaning for advocates in other equality movements that have directly benefited from the principles set forth in Roe. This is especially true for those of us who advocate for the full recognition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights.

Roe is part of a line of reproductive rights cases that have strengthened the foundation of the LGBT rights movement. First, there was Griswold, the groundbreaking case that established that married couples have the right to use contraceptives without interference from the state. This was the first case to set forth the limits of governmental intrusion into people’s private sex lives. Then there was Eisenstadt, a case where the Supreme Court declared that unmarried couples have the same right as married couples to obtain and use contraceptives. Roe followed Griswold and Eisenstadt, powerfully affirming the principles that all people have the right to decide whether or not to procreate and that this right was guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. And in doing so, Roe helped build the foundation for the argument that all individuals have the right to decide how and when to engage in adult consensual sexual activity—an argument that led the Supreme Court in Lawrence to decide that gay people have the same constitutional right to sexual intimacy as their heterosexual counterparts and thus could no longer be treated like criminals (prior to Lawrence, states were allowed to enforce laws that criminalized homosexual behavior).

This victory in Lawrence marked a major shift in the tide of LGBT equality. The decriminalization of homosexual behavior removed a major obstacle for the LGBT rights movement. As such, the principles in Roe helped pave the way for more widespread advances in LGBT rights, including LGBT hate crimes legislation, hospital visitation rights, state and local employment nondiscrimination laws, and most recently the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

So this week, when celebrating the 39th anniversary of Roe, I will be remembering the far-reaching effects that this decision has had on women's equality and LGBT equality. And I will be celebrating the impact Roe has had on my rights to make decisions about my body and my rights to legally express my sexuality without oppression.

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Roe v. WademLgGBT

I congratulate you for fighting for your rights as a human and who deserves to be respected as any other human been. Been a Gay or lesbian does not hurt anyone is just a name for a gender .Like any other name. Weather people accept or not ,it is your right to choose the love and the future you want to live. And that the same respect be given from you to others.
Congratulations again.
I wish everyone stop fighting and help each other. To me the important thing here is the responsibility that each other has to have in their lives and what they can do to make their live better in peace . to help their comunity ,and help the rest how ever they can.There should be no more family wars or communities wars just because no body does or is not the same .We are all different in many ways and we have to accept that. Mounting this hatred things is not the answer . The unity to live in peace and protect from deseses that are worst than not accepting a person for his or her gender to me is ridiculos. When there is so much in the world to be the center of importance ,by giving ,acting and helping is more important than any talk out there. The world needs help not,discord or more pain. I think is time to put those pre approving distructive acts and actions aside and move on to a more serious things going around us and this World .Happy New Year,.MCH

Gay and Lesbians Rights

I believe there is a lot of talk about the wrong of women and men been what in their hearts have chosen to be and express them selves.I believe that a person weather men or woman can give sometimes the best attention and care to there partner and family ,When it comes to children care and love .A person who has seen and gone through so much injustes and defamation because of their choosen gender and love one another .Has respect and the values of what is most valuable in this world for another human ,love,responsibility,respect,care,unity and the possibility to make a better world for them and ability to work together anything and be honest to them self .I believe that they can also have a chance to be parents.As many chidren are suffering without parents or some one who can give to them what no one can not even theose place that can suplement daily bread ,But the bread that really feeds the mind and the heart can not be given without a pare of good loving to be parents no matter the age of a child.This children every where around the world are in need of someone that can respect them and care for them and must of all educate them as there own children for a better humen and society. The thrueth here is that if the government woul help this children by getting this personand giving them the right help they can help this children and ad jobs for those who will be helping this new families.As I say the good that is done for this children ,their tomarrow will shaw the difference that can be seen in the communities assisting and working for those that may be in that situation or in other,But this children will learn that not only a real father or mother can be there for this childrwen and help them become good and respectful citizens.I wish this world stop looking at things that insted of helping the humanity its putting block in front when they dont even bother to assist ,give or care for their future.Thank you for giving me a chance to open a little some minds in what the reality of this gay lesbians acceptance or not is going on.Have a good day.Everyon has rights as long they have a good action and mind that do not hurt anyone but helps others with a cause that can affect their life for the better future of humanity as a whole.MCH

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