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Child Care Cuts Continue in 2012

As 2012 begins, states are continuing to make, or propose, cuts to child care. Maryland’s waiting list for child care assistance, started last year, has grown to over 14,000 children. California’s governor has proposed to reduce spending for child care and early education by $517 million, which would deprive 62,000 children of the opportunity to participate in these programs. Washington’s governor has proposed to cut funding for child care assistance by $50 million, which would result in 4,000 fewer children receiving help.

A CNN story aired this weekend demonstrates what these cuts mean for parents who need help affording child care so they can hold onto their jobs and make sure their children are in care that nurtures their growth and learning.

The state child care cuts result from the expiration of additional child care funding that was provided in 2009 and 2010 through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a decrease in states’ use of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds for child care—from $3.5 billion in 2009 to $2.8 billion in 2010 (the most recent data available)—as states use these funds to meet other needs, and persistent state budget pressures. New and proposed child care cuts come on top of cuts states made in the previous year. Families in 37 states were worse off under one or more state child care assistance policies—due to more restrictive eligibility criteria, longer waiting lists, lower provider reimbursement rates, or higher parent copayments—in 2011 than in 2010, according to an NWLC report released in October 2011.

These cuts will mean more parents straining to afford basic expenses such as rent and food while covering the cost of care on their own, or using lower-quality care because they cannot afford better options, or being unable to work at all because they cannot afford child care.

Parents are heartbroken when they cannot afford the care that they want for their children and that that they know would help their children get a strong early start on the way to a successful future. Andrea Stubbs, a mother living in Maryland and earning just $680 month at her job, told CNN, "I want the best for my child and I want his future to be as bright as possible.” Yet, after losing her child care assistance, she had to pull her son out of the child care center he was attending—where he was thriving—and instead turn to a patchwork of arrangements. Depriving Andrea—and millions of parents like her—of the child care help they need makes it that much harder for them to see to it that their hopes for their children are fulfilled.


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Our CHildren Cry Out Somebody Watch Us!

Mothers young and old lets take a stand, around the nation. Shout it from the roof top, go to your legislature our top official. With a pen in one hand and paper in another put it to test.And let your loud voices do the rest.More mothers ate thirsty for education, the children also have goals but mommy can't afford day care,SHE MUST QUIT WORK!!!!

Federal aid is being cut to the states on Children's issues

under Obama's hopeful care. Newt suggested poor children double as school janitors to cut government budgets and is ignorant about welfare statistics. Mitt believes corporation's inalienable rights are equal to a citizen's which doesn't point towards diminishing corporate power in goverment policy. Corporate tax break interests take priority over spending for our nation's children. Now several states have legislated drug testing that must be paid for upfront by the welfare applicant before the application can even be processed. Where is all this going? How short-sighted has our government become to cheat our children in education, healthcare, daycare, shelter, and food? Because if we don't want to invest in our children's future, maybe we should consider the future of our nation. The human resource is our nation's best resource. If we as a nation don't invest in the future of All of our children, the nation will continue its decline. Women, we must think ahead not only for our children, but for our nation. We must voice as individuals and united. If we, as women, don't fight to make our children priorites in our nation, who will? Currently what is being done by whom? Who are your state and federal officials? What were the track record of your officials on children's issues? Have you contacted them by letter, email or petition with your concerns for our children? Who will get your vote next election? Help rebuild our nation by making your Vote count for our children. Please, Women, our children need us to take part in the political process!

Affordable Daycare

I ran a daycare for over 25 years. I made a decent wage, but I worked with parents and charged according to their salaries. I made sure their children received love, care and a good experience. It is amazing government would rather cut child care assistance instead of working with providers and parents to come to some kind of equitable solution to this problem. Our children are certainly more important than giving corporations tax cuts.

babysitter help

the system is putting every thing so hard for single mothers that we don't know what to do no more. The system is pushing single mothers to go to welfare and live from the system because we work but the salary is not enough and when we asked for help like babysitter is no fund for that or u do not qualified foe food stamp because u working and is enough but they don't think that we pulled the dollar and is impossible to survive.

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