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Governor Chafee Signs Rhode Island Minimum Wage Increase

It’s always nice to start the weekend off with a bit of good news. Starting next year, Rhode Island minimum wage workers will get a small raise. Governor Lincoln Chafee has signed a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $7.75 per hour in the state, a 35 cent per hour increase.

As I mentioned previously, this increase falls well short of what is needed, but it’s good to see a state taking a step in the right direction. There are minimum wage bills pending in several other states – New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts– that would do much more for minimum wage workers, the majority of whom are women, but Rhode Island is the only state to enact an increase so far this year.  So, thank you to Governor Chafee and the Rhode Island legislature for recognizing that minimum wage workers deserve a raise!


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