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Help Close the Pregnancy Loophole

Help Close the Pregnancy Loophole!

Call today and help close the pregnancy loophole!
Tell your Representative to co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to ensure that pregnant women are treated fairly on the job.
Call (202) 224-3121 today!

Yes it's true: In 2012, getting pregnant can still cost you your job.

Thanks to a gap opened between discrimination laws and disability laws by court decisions, some employers are refusing to accommodate even simple requests that help workers maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Here are three startling examples of women who, thanks to the pregnancy loophole, were fired for doing what was best for their pregnancies:

  • A retail sales associate in Salina, Kansas was fired for drinking water while working because it violated store policy.
  • A nursing home activities director in Valparaiso, Indiana lost her job because she could no longer lift heavy tables, an activity that took up less than 10 minutes of her workday and with which her coworkers routinely volunteered to assist.
  • A pregnant truck driver in Tennessee was instructed by her obstetrician not to lift more than 20 pounds and sought light duty work. Her employer terminated her, as it made such modifications only to those injured on the job.

Sounds crazy, right? Unfortunately, thousands of pregnant women are forced to choose between losing their jobs (or taking unpaid leave) and endangering their pregnancies, when just a few small workplace accommodations are usually all that's needed.

To close this egregious pregnancy loophole, Pregnant Workers Fairness Act was introduced today in the House of Representatives by Reps. Nadler (D-NY) and a number of his colleagues. To give this bill a solid start, we need as many Representatives to co-sponsor this bill as possible.

Will you take 3 minutes to call your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act? Calling is easy to do.

1. Call (202) 224-3121.

2. Tell the operator who answers the phone the name of your Representative. (Not sure? Look it up here.)

3. Once you are connected to the office of your Representative, tell the staff person who answers:

  • Your name, that you are a constituent from (city, state).
  • I am calling to ask you to co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. It's time to close the pregnancy loophole and ensure that pregnant women are treated fairly on the job.
  • Thank you.

4. Hang up and ask your friends or co-workers to make a call as well.

Thank you for your continued support! Want to learn more? Read the Op-Ed in The New York Times that inspired this bill. And check out a fact sheet on the bill from the National Women's Law Center.


I work at the local Goodwill

I work at the local Goodwill store and currently in my third trimester. They do not make any accommodations for pregnant women, but they do for those with disabilities. I am not permitted to keep a bottle of water with me, nor am I provided a chair at my cash register, which I stand at for 8 hours at a time usually. When I complained of having difficulty breathing a few days ago, one of my managers told me that it was just the baby and that I would be "fine." I have heard similar horror stories from other employees as well regarding treatment of pregnant workers.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

As of now I am boycotting Old Navy. If you have any other specific companies I would be happy to boycott them as well. This is beyond ridiculous. You people need to make up your minds what is important here. Your mixed messages are pissing me off. If you cannot handle the issues here then maybe we can all return to stay at home, bob bon eating, leaching off the hard working husband mentality instead of being his damn partner. Figure it out. Either fix the bloody country or give us rights that include the fact that you old farts, and young farts cannot reproduce. We would be happy to put ourselves in YOUR shoes and not bother either. signed, Women Everywhere. plus me.

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