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Ho Ho Horror! State Politicians Don't Let the Holidays Stop Their Attacks on Women's Reproductive Health

Think the holidays were just a time for joy, merry making, and generosity? Think again. This holiday season, state politicians continued their attacks on women's reproductive health. Here's a wrap up of from the past 2 weeks.

Importantly, the holidays also brought a few victories for women's reproductive health:

Here's hoping 2013 only adds items to the second list!



Very sad after reading this website. Life is hard, but
killing a child is not the solution. Why do you use the word "termination of a pregnancy"?
This child was made by God, we can not destroy him. Very sad.


Nice to end the article with victory! As far as the others go, women remembered in 2012, and we will remember again in 2014.

Keep up the good work!

Misguided concern

The author of this article has a misguided concern about women's health issues.
Abortion is not a health issue at all, but the termination of the life of an inconvenient unborn child.
The other issues concern funding contraception. Conception is not an illness, but a result of a person's chosen actions and should not be funded by any other than the person undertaking those actions. Expecting others to fund contraception is parasitic and compromises the consciences of some people.
When one sees articles like these from a government official, then the concept of an overgrown, misguided administration is visible.

Misguided comment

I know better then to waste my time arguing with someone like you, but feel I must suggest that you become a little more educated about abortion before posting replies such as yours publicly.

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