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House Bill Cuts Unemployment and Health Benefits, Domestic Programs, Child Tax Credit and More

Neither the approaching holidays nor data showing a bleak jobs picture seems to have mellowed House Republican leaders. The payroll tax-unemployment insurance-“doc fix” bill (H.R. 3630), introduced by Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), which the House is expected to vote on today, has already drawn a veto threat from President Obama because of a provision on the Keystone oil pipeline. But there are many other reasons to be deeply concerned about this bill. It:

So, once again, the House is considering a bill that will cut many programs vital to women and their families, instead of requiring millionaires or corporations to start paying a fair share of taxes. If this outrageous bill passes the House, we’re counting on the Senate to just say no, even if it means “No Christmas for Congress” until they get it right.


@Paula, with 1 job for every 4 unemployed... can people pull themselves up by the boot straps? And the great irony of this is that employers are hiring people who are already employed and overlooking folks who lost a job through no fault of their own.

We have many friends who are middle-aged and unemployed. No one hires the 50-year old with a flawless work history whose factory closed over the young guy who will not cost the company as much in terms of benefits and pay. I know a machinist who worked for 30 years at the same company, and when the doors closed, no one will hire him. He's sent 250 resumes, knocked on doors, called employers. He's not employable.

I guess you won't understand until you're in those shoes yourself.


Perhaps everyone in America should go back a few decades and pull up their bootstraps and suck it up. The few cannot support the many. It is funny that many people would rather be receiving benefits than go back to work because it covers their expenses. Maybe we can take a note from those people who are out there and live within their means instead of off of everyone else. So perhaps we can all suck it up, put our big girl panties on and get on with the work that needs to be done.

Your brain...

is no longer functioning properly. It has been subsumed by republican talking points. It is a sad and dark place where ignorance thrives.
No one prefers unemployment benefits to the benefits and freedom that a decent paying job provides. People want there to be decent and good paying jobs once again. Outsourcing has robbed millions of the kind of opportunities that once abounded in the land of the free. Sadly you're no longer free and corps are doing everything they can to not pay decent wages for your labor. In the wealthiest nation on earth children are going hungry because people like yourself would rather spout drivel than take an honest look at the problems and solutions for those same problems. Here's an idea, why don't you go back to the echo chamber from whence you came so you can listen to people find new ways to repeat what they heard on fox.

H.R. 3630

Who ever is voting Republican in Michigan knows nothing about politics. As one of the poorest states, why are you electing republicans? Get a clue!

It is not a Middle Class Tax Cut, what this bill entails are regressive measures to take even more away from people who are barely eeking out an existence.

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