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House Grinches Have a Change of Heart

I’m very happy to report that millions of jobless workers and their families can rest a little easier over the holidays. Last night, House Republican leadership agreed to move forward with a two-month extension of federal emergency unemployment insurance (UI) and other measures, like the payroll tax cut, that were set to expire December 31. This morning, Congress approved a slightly modified version of the extension that the Senate passed 89-10 last Saturday, ending the standoff that began when House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced Sunday that the House intended to reject the Senate bill. President Obama is expected to sign the bill shortly.   

Without this two-month extension, nearly 2 million unemployed workers who have been job-searching for six months or more would have seen their benefits cut off in January. Another 1.1 million would have faced benefit cut-offs in February. It will be essential for Congress to pass a full-year extension early in the new year – but for now, we’re grateful that, just like the Grinch,the House has seen the error of its ways in time for Christmas.

Happy holidays from all of us at NWLC!