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The Importance of Health Care Reform – My Story

by Thao Nguyen, Outreach Manager, 
National Women's Law Center 

For National Women’s Health Week, I’m sharing my own health care story. In our broken health care system, worrying about my health comes second to worrying about medical debt.


Health Care Tips

The impact of efficient and innovative management will be much more in improving healthcare service quality than improvements in science and medicine. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel – like you say, it is time to learn and adapt best practices in different parts of the world.
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Well, a health care reform

Well, a health care reform was decided on and passed. Can't say I like it very much, but not much I can do about it...

Thanks for posting that! It's

Thanks for posting that! It's so important to keep ourselves educated when it comes to healthcare.

Very good video.This is time

Very good video.This is time for health care reform.I agree with you.

Lung Cancer

I watched the video,

I watched the video, healthcare reforms are the need of the hour.
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Thanks for sharing the video.

Thanks for sharing the video. The health care topic is really heating up lately...lots of people needing it. Acai

Pretty interesting video. I

Pretty interesting video. I definitely think now is the time for health care reform. With the president going into talks now, we may see something new very soon...acai berry

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