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Iowa Governor Will Have Final Say Over Medicaid Reimbursement for Abortion

Imagine being a twenty-something year old woman, caring for a toddler, working to make ends meet, and finding yourself facing an unintended pregnancy. Who would you want to talk to? Your partner? Your doctor?  Maybe your friends? Siblings? Parents? Religious leaders? Would you want this guy to have a say in what you can and cannot do?

Last week, the Governor of Iowa indicated that he will sign the state budget, which includes a provision giving him the final decision making authority over who can and cannot receive Medicaid funds to cover the cost of an abortion. He will now have the authority to review each and every individual’s case separately. Since 1976, federal law has restricted Medicaid coverage of abortion. While the language has changed a bit over time, it currently states that Medicaid cannot cover abortion except when the women’s life is at risk, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. Each state must comply with the federal law and must at least provide coverage of abortions in those circumstances. Iowa goes beyond federal law, and also provides state Medicaid coverage of abortion in cases of fetal anomalies. Physicians providing abortions in these cases have been required to certify that an abortion meets the exceptions.  

But now Iowa has decided to take the decision away from women and their doctors and give it to the Governor. Now, what if that same woman realizes that it doesn’t matter what her doctor, partners, faith, or parents say, and that instead, her medical care is subject to the whims of the Governor? If she does not want to disclose her personal information to the highest elected official in the state, it is not hard to imagine that she will second-guess her decision to obtain the procedure.


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Dark Ages

This is an embarrassment to humanity. This man belongs in the Dark Ages.

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Iowa Governor

Unless criminality is involved this should not be an issue for a governor. If a women is going to ask someone other than herself or partner to pay for her abortion then she has already given up her right to privacy. This is a moral/personal issue, it's the politicians that have made it a political one. What happened to stay out of my bedroom? Shouldn't that apply to all? Or just when it suits your needs? It also doesn't have to be all or nothing either. A women does not have to have a baby and abortion does not have to be her only choice. I am not against most abortions but I'm not as clueless as the comments I'm seeing. Anyone ever heard of Plan B, free clinics, spermacid, BC pill, adoption? We would all be better off if we didn't expect others to pay for our mistakes! There would be fewer mistakes and babies in the landfill.

No doubt you also have issue

No doubt you also have issue with having to pay for welfare for these kids don't you?


Sue I hope one day you lose your job, use precautions, and still get pregnant. Then when the doctor says it could kill you if you have the baby. Tell your born children it's a moral decision then. Woman card: revoked!!!

govenor of iowa

I cannot believe the people actually re elected this man.He is so power hungry now he wants to control womens bodies.Fire this hypocrite!!!!!

Unlicensed medical practice

It's time.

We need to start bringing criminal charges against public officials for practicing medicine without a license. It's out of hand. Arrest Warrants, subpoenas, Notices of appearance should be issued to every politician that comes down in favor of these things.

Unlicensed medical practice

I totally agree with you Kelly!! And what kind of power-hungry sicko would want to be involved in each of those cases?? You'd think the Governor of Iowa could make better use of his time then to downgrade women once again!! Wonder what his wife has to say about that decision. She's been awfully quiet this term???

Second guess? I think not...

Your last sentence is incorrect. The woman will not "second guess" her decision to abort, because there is nothing wrong with that decision and no reason to re-think it. Rather, she will be forced by her state government to give birth to a child that she can't afford to support, or that may endure a life of misery due to birth defects, etc.

Her civil rights and privacy rights will be violated as she is either forced to carry the fetus to term or to be humiliated by her state's Governor in order to be able to exercise her RIGHT to make her own healthcare decisions.

I wish I were the woman in that scenario, because I would verbally eviscerate that Governor at the interview - and make sure it's recorded and passed out to the media. I would then sue the crap out of him and the state - taking it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. And if I were forced to give birth to a fetus I wanted to abort - I would name the Governor as the father of that child and sue him and the state for child support, since HE is the one forcing me to carry that pregnancy to term.

If he wants to play God, then he can PAY for the privilege!!

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