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Letting Women Die, Michigan?

Remember the terribly tragic story of Savita Halappanavar who was refused an abortion at a hospital in Ireland, and died because of it? Some legislators in Michigan evidently think refusing abortion in such cases is not only acceptable, but should not even bring any punishment on the hospital. 

Michigan Senate Bill 975 passed the Senate last week – when they locked the public out of the state capitol – and is scheduled to be considered in a House committee this morning. It would allow a hospital to let a pregnant woman die, without risking its license or a lawsuit or even a fine.

 As awful as the bill would be for women in Savita’s situation, the bill is so broad it could reach all kinds of situations.  It could allow:

  • A pharmacy to refuse to fill women’s prescriptions for  contraception
  • A nurse working in a clinic to refuse an HIV or STI test to a patient
  • A nursing home staffer to refuse to refer a patient interested in end of life care

This terrible bill must not go forward. It’s time to stop putting politics ahead of people’s health and lives. 


War on Women

It's time you fellows called off your war on women. Stop putting womens' lives at risk; keep your nasty hands out of our vaginas. The Irish hospital that let a young woman die because she developed septicemia due to being forced to carry a dying fetus until it died was criminally negligent. If I were the bereaved husband, I'd sue that hospital until it could not afford to stay open & press criminal charges against the physicians responsible for that ungodly decision. I do not want a similar incident in this country.

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