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My Vote Says – Health Reform Helps Women

I am not a morning person and, believe me when I say that I do not relish the thought of waking up before dawn on Tuesday so that I can drag myself to the polls. But, I will. Why? Because voting matters. When you vote – your voice is heard.  It is your opportunity to stand up and be counted. This year, my vote will say:

What is your vote going to say?



What the country needs, a democrats perspective. As our representative, we need you to spend more time telling us what you are working on, what the plans are and connecting the dots, IN DETAIL. I don't want to hear one more sound bite, slogan or slam on another candidate. I want you working with the president and I want you telling us what the heck, you are doing; who, what, where, when, why AND HOW!. I am in jeopardy of losing my home and the bank is rippin me off every time I turn around. The prices of food, gas, water and electric are overwhelming and those with the ability, offer not a bit of compassion or help. Trickle down theory is an outright lie. The corporations are holding the whole country hostage by not investing in the recovery, employers are working people harder and finding ways to avoid paying overtime, if you are lucky enough to have a job. The rich get richer off the blood sweat and tears of the rest of us. Is this REALLY the “American Way”? Publicize information about how we are going to get things out of the toilet. How we are going to provide a better education to our children, work on the infrastructure, get jobs going again. Stop DADT, start honoring the human rights of gays and Muslims, et al.  How are we getting out of these wars with some kind of success. How are we working with the other countries of the world toward intelligent, peaceful and productive relations and trade. Speak loudly about how and why we must care for the environment, explain the problems and make it clear, so everyone understands what is happening and what is at stake. Talk about energy improvements, research, needs and inventions. Talk about it constantly and in detail. Medicare is trouble and doctors don't want to see patients who have it, because it is so hard to work with and it pays them so little. Medical care is sky high and insurance companies are just criminal. People are running for office without a seeming brain in their heads, yet spending millions, while having no real workable plans. Millions that could be put to good use on the economy. Somehow the millions they are spending does not seem to be helping??? With much of the funding coming from places we don't know about??? On both sides. Get real with us right NOW. I went to hear President Clinton speak last week, he was fantastic. All the candidates could take a lesson from him. He is clear, intelligent and detailed. I don't need President Obama to keep telling me I have every right to be angry, I need him to tell me what the plan is, and what each person's role is in it. How will we work together to reach our goals? Stop asking me to give more money! Earn it from me, first. Why should I give you what little money I have when you seem to think what you are currently doing with it is acceptable? I'm your boss! Start telling me how we are going to handle the mess we are in. Tell me all the pieces, how it will work and then say it over and over again. Inspire me, get everyone on board, working together to get results. Stop running away from or trying to appease the lunatic teabaggers and far right wingers. Many are just scared and need assurance that someone has the ability to lead in a productive direction, while making sure we understand the process. We all need this! Start proving that you have some clue about what is, and needs to be, handled right now and that you know how to get it done. Don't wait for an election cycle. Do it all the time.  Stop letting the fighting be the headline, get results and tell me what they are. If their is fighting then start explaining what it is about and suggest a solution. Without slams and insults, just explain, give examples and details! When someone is standing in the way, say they are, give examples. Anyone who can not do their job in this way should be fired. Anyone! Everyone! I am sick and tired, SICK AND TIRED!!!  HATRED, GREED, SELF SERVING MOTIVATIONS AND SHORT SIGHTEDNESS ARE BECOMING OUR NATIONS SELF DESTRUCTION.  Keep religion out of our government’s business. It is a private personal right. Keep it separate. This is the kind of change most of us are looking for. BE ROLE MODELS. Demonstrate assertiveness with knowledge and fairness. BE STRONG. Stand tall for what you have come to believe in and keep an open mind when presented with new possibilities. EDUCATE. Teach people the benefits of working cooperatively, being tolerant, supporting one another in respectful ways and taking personal responsibility. BE HONEST. It doesn’t matter how much you want something or don’t want something, lying and twisting the truth is destructive to all of us, don’t do it. MAKE US PROUD. Work for the greater good. It is not too much to expect that you have taken this job to work on behalf of our short and long term best interests. You are hired to Do This Job With Integrity, Ingenuity, And Wisdom. If you are not up to the task, GET OUT!!! This is what we expect. Do it NOW! We want to support and work with candidates and representatives who can do their jobs in these ways. THIS IS YOUR JOB DISCRIPTION!!! Spoken as a concerned citizen and speaking for many!(pass it on) 

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