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Need Child Care or Head Start? Call the White House

Today, advocates around the country will make a call to the White House asking for help to ensure that 300,000 children do not lose child care and Head Start. When the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was enacted in February 2009, it provided sorely needed funds for child care to help parents work and allow their children to receive care in safe and healthy environments, and for Head Start and Early Head Start to give children a chance to receive the early learning experiences they need to succeed in school. Over 200,000 children and their families were able to receive child care assistance and 7,000 Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms were able to open as a result of these funds. Yet, these funds are now running out and hundreds of thousands of children in low-income families are in jeopardy of losing access to child care and early education opportunities.

States have already begun to make cuts to child care assistance as they exhaust their ARRA funds and as they continue to grapple with major budget shortfalls. For example, Arkansas and New Hampshire have growing waiting lists for child care assistance, Washington State has lowered its income eligibility limit for child care assistance, and Arizona is providing child care assistance to far fewer children.

Without new federal funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, Head Start, and Early Head Start, classrooms will be shut down, teachers will lose their jobs, parents will lack the child care they need to get and keep a job, and children will be denied access to child care and early education that can help give them a strong start.

It is essential that the White House urge Congress to appropriate the funding needed to maintain child care and Head Start for these children, whether as part of a continuing resolution to keep the government operating or in an omnibus appropriations bill for FY 2011. Today, support our nation’s children and families by calling the White House at 202-456-1111 and ask them to work with Congress to make sure that funding for 300,000 children in child care and Head Start and Early Head Start is continued and that funding is included for a new Early Learning Challenge Fund.


Education always gets the

Education always gets the short end of the stick. There are many loopholes in the overall budget that can go towards funding for Early Childhood Programs. The state finds money to change the street/ highway and other traffic signs, but not to help provide education for the children of tomorrow? I don't understand how people, who were once children, neglect to see the need for quality programs that will help these young individuals begin to develop the necessary tools they need to become the President of the United States, or a state Senator. How could they have gotten where they are if it were not for TEACHERS?

Child care funding

I do bookkeeping for a local childcare center. This funding pays $13.73 a DAY! A Whole DAY! You may think you are lookin' good when you say there is help for low income families in childcare but it's just fake. No childcare center can survive on payments this low so they have to cut the number of kids with this funding. So while you say there is resources out there, the number of placements will become so few, there really is no help. Just like medicare...payments cut by 20% in a realm of such already low payments that the medical field will just have to stop taking medicare patients, leaving us old folks with no medical care at all. It is soooo hopeless because as much as you say congress should stop giving tax loopholes for the wealthy and spend that on the children through this funding, it won't matter. The people with the money are the people with the power. That's why the money stays there. That's why the laws will only throw out tidbits of funding to make it look good but have no substance.

Speaking on behalf of the children and parents

In regards of pre-k and Head Start programs; it would be a devastation to the children to lose these programs for more than one reason. It would cost a great deal of early childhood development progression psychologically, education wise, and emotionally. Children get influence from parents, but children also need to be around their social peers in order to learn social skills in order to develop properly. There are psychological factors at stake. As Obama has frozen the Federal pay recently he can use such funding to fund education programs. There other cuts that can be made throughout the United States. Leave the Children alone. If someone is worried about the unemployment rate the last thing to do is to cut funding for Childcare programs such as Pre-K and Head Start. Let's start using our heads rather than trying to save money. Education is valuable not negotiable.

Early Learning programs

Special pre-k help my daughter out a lot. She is almost 4 and has cerebral palsy. I won't know what to do without these programs. I don't know what is all out there for her but I will find out.

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