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#PreKForAll: Transform a Twitter Trend into a Reality

The hashtag “#PreKForAll” was trending on Twitter nationwide less than 30 minutes into the National Women’s Law Center’s “Tweetchat,” which encouraged conversation about the importance of high-quality early learning opportunities. The chat was held as part of this week’s national Early Learning Day of Action, which aimed to generate support for increased investments in these programs.

Senators Patty Murray, Dick Durbin and Kirsten Gillibrand, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Director of the Office of Public Engagement Paulette Aniskoff all joined the conversation that would continue for hours beyond its allotted one-hour time slot.

Key questions focused on the return on investment from high-quality prekindergarten programs, the bipartisan support for early learning, and strategies for financing the increased investment. The hashtag “#PreKForAll” held the nation’s number four spot on Twitter’s trending list for over 45 minutes. In Washington, the hashtag snagged the number one spot.

President Obama joined the chat, asking his followers to “Retweet if you believe in #PreKForAll. The smartest investment we can make as a nation is in our children.” The President’s post was re-tweeted by over 4000 users.

With over 10,000 twitter users weighing in by the day’s end, this social media effort was hugely successful in prompting a nationwide discussion about early learning.

It will be important to continue this productive conversation with our federal policymakers. The positive impact that high-quality early learning opportunities have on improving young children’s life chances is clear. It is common sense that our lowest income children should have access to these programs to ensure that they have the strong start they need for a bright future.  

The public’s eagerness to share their support for early learning through social media is promising. All who tweeted (and those who didn’t!) should take the next step and ask your member of Congress to increase investments in early learning.


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Early Education

Mr. President, Ladies and gentleman of the Congress, Department of Social work and Education ,Good day. Hearing and seen that the Republican and some Democrat in the Congress are just paying attention on how much the investment will cost. but it is not thinking that children if they teach children what they need to know and to learn in the early education on how to gain attitude, expression and give themselves a more patience time to really understand what they are studying ,learning to make a daily difference in their objectives that will help them to understand and become greatest access for their own benefit and the benefit for their country, once they do their best and not give up the learning process and subjects that they might not like. Their days in school will be profitable in the future. Giving these children the time, the tools, the help they need to really understand what they are doing, learning and what is about in every subject, helping them understand everything there is in each subject, getting students who have the knowledge to help on Saturdays and Sundays 2 or 3 hrs what they do not understand and getting them out of confusion in any subject it would be the greatest action for children to learn faster and better. This can help them move faster to other subjects and get better prepared for the next year. This action can help stop the child from choosing to negatively see that they can not learn. Future but give them the strength and fate in themselves to keep learning, Motivation, when they see they are really, really learning what the teachers are teaching, It will be a burden taken out of their daily learning. Paying for their education programs and help it is not as valuable and fruitful as their future will be. Never think about what it is spent ,but the value of what they lean how they will learn and how far these children can go in the future in the economy .When their careers are made and done , work is there waiting as soon as they have their finish their careers. If the Govern makes a change in the way children are prepare for a career this country would be the wealthiest country. Having students learn what is significantly important for this country in what comes to Economy gain. Instead of just paying for children to go to school and then there is no job for them nothing to do but holding the students loans debt. It is not fare for both .The Government he give loans and not getting back the loans in a made time and the student getting out with nothing in his hand but a paper graduation , no career , no job that can help pay the loan , the money the parents spend it and no way of gaining their peace of mine. Staying home, giving problems to their parents, getting in trouble. No I believe if the Government really wants this country to rise and get back what was spent and see the gains in taxes and the future of both the country and the students it will be the best Investment USA could ever make. Children need motivation changes seen a better future from the beginning of childhood learning so they can be more attentive and go far. Maria Celia Hernandez. Mr. President It is the best Investment this country can make when it comes to, making the people and the government gains for the future. Helping a child learn what is really important for his future, their parent and the government to gives the chance for them to create a better future is motivating the child from the beginning to remember that the future is also important the parts that are significantly for their own beneficial, progressive and stable future .I wish the Congress understands that not investing in a real well meant teaching the investment will not work 100%. Lowering the Deficit is important, but more important now is the Education that these children need to make that deficit in the future the lowest ever with their careers. To make a living and pay good taxes it is must important that these children are well prepared with careers that give back gains and not debts. This is a matter of Making Sense and Solutions for both. Sincerely, Maria Celia Hernandez 6-8-2013 Boston MA.

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