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Senate Confirms Judge. Huh.

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed Paul Grimm to the District Court of Maryland by a vote of 92-1. Judge Grimm had been reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on voice vote (Senator Mike Lee, who at the time was still protesting President Obama’s recess appointments, was the only senator to vote no) on June 7. In other words, a confirmation vote on a judge with significant bipartisan support was needlessly delayed for nearly six months. It was high time that Judge Grimm received a vote, and, with 82 current judicial vacancies, it is high time that the 18 other nominees who are ready for a Senate vote receive theirs.*

 *An agreement has been reached to hold a vote on the nomination of Michael Shea, to the District of Connecticut, but the time for the vote has not yet been scheduled. Not the case for the other 17 nominees.