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State of the Union Twitter Action

Who: Early learning advocates (organizations and individuals)

What: Tweets to the President urging him to show his commitment to early learning by including it in his State of the Union address.

Why: The State of the Union address is where the President sets out his priorities. We want to make sure that he stays focused on early learning and reminds the American public why it’s so important.

How: Individuals and organizations tweet photos of children/adults holding up #StrongStart photos at the President between 1:00 and 3:00pm ET on January 21, one week before his speech.


  1. Child/Children
    1. Child holds up an “I deserve a #StrongStart!” sign.
  2. Adults
    1. Adult holds up an “I want my _______ to get a #StrongStart!” sign.
    2. Adult hold up an “I want my child to get a #StrongStart!” sign .

***Signs are available at ***

Twitter (Updated on 1/15/14):

  • Tweet your pictures between 1:00 and 3:00pm ET on January 21 (the week before the SOTU)
  • Direct tweets at the President (@WhiteHouse) and include the hashtags #StrongStart and #SOTU

Sample Photos: 

Strong Start 1  Strong Start 2  Strong Start 3


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Great blog and I love what you have said on this topic coco palms | Rivertrees | the rise @ oxley residences | rise @ oxley | Pollen and Bleu | and I think I will tweet this out to my friends so they can check it out as well.



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