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On Today’s 40th Roe Anniversary, Make Your Voice Be Heard

The recent report that a majority of Americans under 30 don’t know what Roe v. Wade was about is not really shocking. But it is telling.

Today, the fight to protect Roe v. Wade isn’t about Roe. The fight isn’t even about winning society’s opinion on whether Roe should be overturned, because, as polls have consistently shown over the years, the majority of America thinks it should not be. 

No, instead, the fight has turned into a battle of which side is the most successful in capturing state governments. Unfortunately, the voice of those wanting to ban abortion has been quite successful in getting states to make it impossible to get an abortion even if Roe theoretically remains intact. This is the voice that is driving abortion facilities out of existence, forcing women to undergo unbelievably long waiting periods, make unnecessary, burdensome visits to “crisis pregnancy centers,” and receive medically unnecessary ultrasounds. This is the voice that wants to interfere with the physician-patient relationship and force doctors to lie to their patients. The voice that wants to shame, scare, or physically prevent women from getting abortions. This is the voice of a small minority who wants to impose its religious and moral beliefs on women’s lives they know nothing about. It’s the voice that hurts women and their families.

But things are changing. The voice of the majority is starting to be heard again.

After the whole Akin debacle, where basically everyone thought it was insane to think that a “female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”, it seems that the country has woken up to the current dangerous state of reproductive rights in America. Indeed, polling released today shows that support for reproductive rights is at an all time high. Now is the time for America to tell states, enough is enough.

That’s why I’m so excited about This Is Personal’s latest tumblr, Not In Her Shoes. This tumblr asks women across the country to photograph their own shoes, post the photo, and then briefly describe why she supports reproductive rights. I have been floored by the awesome responses women (and men) have posted, to read such overwhelming public support of reproductive rights.

So on today’s 40th anniversary of the momentous decision that acknowledged women’s reproductive lives are worth protecting, take a moment, scroll through the tumblr, and read the truth about women’s lives. The truth those wanting to ban abortion just don’t listen to.  

And take a moment to take a picture of your shoes and post just why Roe v. Wade is so important for women. It’s time to make your voice be heard, let the world know, enough is enough, my reproductive health is NOT up for debate.


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how much more deliberate can things get...?

So, now that I have gotten past the initial "'PACT/Title X' doesn't cover abortion"....& "the facility has the right to 'religious objection'...", lets explore this little detail that has been overlooked until now;

The state managed health plan for this county is Anthem Blue Cross EPO and Anthem Blue Cross (AIM) EPO. Both of these programs cover and provide voluntary abortion without restrictions, as well as, ALL FDA approved contraceptives and sterilization treatments, etc. Many of the various participating doctors are LOCAL doctors and MANY are located within the same facility that REFUSED Me stating "PACT and Title X" exemptions! (ie; Fairchild doctors are part of the state sponsored plan, but when seeking care I was TURNED away flat... rather than being referred for the AIM manged care plan/"immediate need app." &/or referred to one of the various local safety net providers???) HHS would not have known the benefits of the state manged health plan... HHS would not know that these things could be provided locally, and instead sent me to a clinic 200 miles away for a surgery? Instead of a medication dispensed locally through the local health plan... I should have to skulk shamefully to another county for care?

Before the Gov't GIVES ANY MORE FUNDS TO THESE areas for health care... SOMEONE needs to make sure they know their obligations to the patients and the state managed plans/patient services available!

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