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Virginia Legislators Refuse to Listen to Women, Again

Remember how Virginia became a national laughingstock last year and “transvaginal ultrasound” became a new buzz word? Remember how Virginia women let it be known that they didn’t want their legislators forcing them to undergo medically unnecessary and physically invasive ultrasounds? Remember how Virginia politicians didn’t listen – they passed a mandatory ultrasound law anyway? Well, Virginia politicians had a chance to right their wrong, and show that they listen to and respect women. A Virginia state senator introduced a bill last week to repeal the ultrasound requirement. And just a week later, a Republican committee has killed the bill.

The committee also killed a repeal of the unnecessary and burdensome regulations on abortion providers that will likely force as many as half of Virginia’s women’s health clinics to close.

Virginia politicians are not listening to women. They are passing laws that demean and dismiss women, and that make abortion more difficult to obtain.


This is unfair and the

This is unfair and the politicians has no right to force women to undergo ultrasound. They are forced for unnecessary ultrasounds and it is a kind of disrespect. I think this is a fully personal decision and all the women have the right to decide whether they want medical treatment or not and no body can force them for any medical tests.

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