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Watch Our New Video: They're Coming After Our Birth Control

Attacks on contraception have been all over the news lately — from attempts to defund federal and state family planning programs and providers like Planned Parenthood to efforts to block the health care law's coverage of contraception with no-copays or deductibles. It's shocking that more than 50 years after the birth control pill was approved, we're fighting to ensure that women don't lose access to it. Another startling front in the contraception battle? When you go to a pharmacy to get your contraception, you might be denied.

Women in at least 24 states report that their pharmacists have denied them access to birth control. Watch our new video and tell your leaders: My Health is NOT Up for Debate™!

Politicians who have been limiting women's access to abortion by passing 92 state restrictions last year and voting to take away access to emergency abortions have made it crystal clear that they aren't going to stop there. They're going after our birth control. Women are fighting on all fronts to ensure that we continue to have affordable and accessible birth control.  

Enough is enough. It's time to come together and tell our leaders — this is not about politics or religious liberty. This is about our health. And it's NOT up for debatewatch our new video and sign our petition today.