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What Do Auto Parts Have to do with Contraception: Autocam, the ACA, and Why Women in Manufacturing Can’t Seem to Win

Women in manufacturing continue to lose out. As we’ve said before, women aren’t seeing any of the gains from the recovery in the manufacturing sector. While the nation has gained over half a million manufacturing jobs since 2010, women have lost 36,000. In March alone, women lost 12,000 manufacturing jobs.

But these aren’t the only kinds of losses hitting women in the manufacturing industry; even women who have managed to hold onto their jobs might find themselves stripped of some benefits if employers like John Kennedy, CEO of Autocam, have their way.

The man at the helm of Autocam Corporation, a Michigan-based for-profit company that manufactures auto parts and medical equipment, is arguing he should have the right to deny employees and dependents all forms of contraception. The district court did not agree. It denied his request for a preliminary injunction, stating that, “Implementing the challenged mandate will keep the locus of decision-making in exactly the same place: namely, with each employee, and not the Autocam plaintiffs.

Not satisfied with the court’s order, Kennedy appealed to the Sixth Circuit asking for two forms of temporary relief. The Sixth Circuit not only denied his request for an injunction pending appeal; they refused to reconsider the order. Today the Sixth Circuit panel will hear oral arguments on the preliminary injunction.

Kennedy says that “in order to build auto parts, we need employees.” He admits that Michigan has been hit by the upheaval in the auto industry. Yet, he’s still litigating to deny his employees and their families a federal health care benefit that would provide affordable access to quality contraceptive care. While he insists that “[he doesn’t] tell [his] employees how to live their lives or how make decisions about family planning,” today his lawyers will argue that his employees and their dependents should not receive the comprehensive coverage the law requires. They’ll argue that HE (and other bosses) should be able to decide what reproductive healthcare his employees and their dependents can access.

Healthcare decisions belong between a woman, her family and her doctor; they shouldn’t be in the hands of her boss. We hope the Sixth Circuit will uphold women’s right to access quality health care and make these private decisions.


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As we well known with the fact that America and other neighboring countries are now become an automobile oriented nation; therefore at regular interval we have found several kinds of automobile production in these countries. Here in this article we have found that how women are involving in different non-profitable organization especially in the production process of automobile.
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Its true that women finds

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I have found this article quite interesting; it contains certain facts about the role of families and women in non-profitable job sector. Most probably Michigan-based auto industry is suffering from different errors in providing best healthcare to the employees and their families. I hope several other auto industries and others should pay more attention towards their employees and their family's health care system.
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Women are involved in various types of works that are encouraged by the society people and also it putting several good effects on the market. The market value of car also increasing day to day that involved in the value of women's and their involvement. If putting your eyes towards the car driving it is found that the women's are the best driver. While thinking about the maintenance of car women are in the first rank to maintain properly. If you don't have any ideas related to your BMW maintenance then visit Santa Monica BMW service for the details information.

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Policies needs to be rethinked

The government policy regarding women empowerment needs to be modified and think well. Men and women are two wheels of a bike and a bike can not be driven on a single wheel at a time. If we want a balanced society where everyone gets equal opportunity and everyone contribute to the society we needs to be more open to the womanhood. More liberal to them as they have got to a lot more.
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Need to think

We need to think about this current situation. These women workers do work better then many man but when it comes to appraisal or increment they use to be left back. Women have to do so many tasks starting from home to office stuffs and hence I guess should get some relaxation whereas the man need to be more focused.
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The way you think

If you think it from an entrepreneur's point of view it's not hard to be understood. The industry from car makers to car servicing they all need a very active work power and there comes the problem with women work force. At the same time if it is considered from a worker's point of view we can say that they need to do all lot of things so a bit of compensation they should get. A bit of relaxation for them needs to be given.
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Loses to Women

The problem with women work force is that they can not continue the work for all days as they have to take care of a lot of things like family and kids and many more. but the industry needs the work force which can work all the time all the month and that is what results in loss for women. the auto part industry is one of those industry which use to have almost same volume of sale throwout the year and hence the work force is neede to be dependable. the other region for this is the health issue as well as that causes a lot of women to opt out by herself or have to opt out due to pressure from the company.
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Automobile manufacturing is

Automobile manufacturing is one of the most profitable sector now days; therefore every vehicle manufacturing company are trying to produce quality vehicles with advanced features.
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Services to investigate the complaints and secure an assurance that the institutions will stop discriminating in their health care coverage. We’re confident OCR will move quickly to do so. Go to Provide Car

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