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Will Eden Foods Chairman Change His Tune Today to Save His Lawsuit against Birth Control Coverage?

Today in court, will Eden Foods’ President, Michael Potter, change his tune? Potter is one of the many for-profit business owners suing the government because he does not want to cover birth control in his employees’ health plans, as required by the health care law. Some speculate that Potter’s recent statements have cast doubt on his motivation and undermined his case. During today’s oral arguments his lawyers will attempt to reconcile his legal claims with his many statements to the contrary.

Potter has spent weeks talking up in the media his opposition to the contraceptive coverage benefit. He’s stated that he opposes the contraceptive coverage benefit because he questions “what gives [the federal government] the right to tell [him] that [he has] to [cover birth control].” But here’s the thing: he’s admitted he would not have cared if it was “Jack Daniels or birth control”—it’s the principle. Potter’s admitted that the root issue—“the beginning and ending of the story”—is the government trying to tell him what to do. As he said, “[he’s] got more interest in good quality long underwear than [he has] in birth control pills.”

Today, during oral arguments for the preliminary injunction, his tune may change. Contrary to his many statements, his lawyers will try to convince a Michigan district court that Mr. Potter’s religious beliefs motivate his attempt to deny his employees (and their families) the comprehensive insurance they are entitled to. That’s because the claims Potter is making require a violation of religious exercise. But proving religious beliefs are at issue won’t be an easy task. When asked what particular religious belief led him to oppose the benefit, Potter said “Well, there isn’t any one particular religious belief… I find it hard to get my head around the question.”

Even if Potter actually opposes contraceptive coverage on religious grounds, his claims should be rejected – the laws his attorneys rely on do not allow employers to impose their religious beliefs on their employees. And, as the district court already recognized in denying Potter a temporary restraining order, “the purpose of the [benefit] is not to target religion, but instead to promote public health and gender equality.” In fact, in shaping the benefit the government has “made efforts to accommodate religious beliefs.”

As Potter said, he “isn’t an expert in anything…[He’s] in the food business. [He’s] qualified to have opinions about that and not issues that are purely women’s issues.” Potter should follow the advice given by droves of his former consumers —he should stick to making decisions about food products rather than his employees’ personal decisions about their reproductive health. As a seemingly ardent believer in autonomy, he could put his principles in action by recognizing the fundamental right of his employees to make health care decisions without his intrusion. Even if he refuses to do so, the court should recognize the right of his employees to make their own health care and religious decisions. That right belongs to individuals, not the companies employing them.


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You need a reality check

Aren't you an ingrate. Someone with a lot of cash to buy food, whatever you want that does not come from an owner who disagrees with your religious beliefs or lack thereof. You want to have sex all you want and be on a pill so that you don't have children. Well someone should ship you off to Africa, where they have no electricity, running water, and certainly no birth control. They also do not have food there like you see in America's stores. Life is hard there. Then after a year of living there watching starving children every day, and feeling starvation yourself, you can come back here to America, the land of the free, where people broke their back and grew their own food for themselves and communities forced out people they didn't like. You will then think about not boycotting a food company and move your sight to something more important like spending your time trying to arrange an actual community garden in your neighborhood or boycotting some company that uses slave labor in China. Cut the crap and stop being such an ingrate.


Africa is a vast continent, where there is most certainly electricity, running water, and birth control. In some isolated areas, war mongers have devastated local economies and have caused artificial shortages of food, medical supplies, and other goods, but this is not true of the entire continent of Africa.

What is at stake?

The rough and tumble quality of this case is not good. The people need winners running farms that care about the quality of soy they use in both their products, as we as their fertilizer. Let Monsanto have their way and you've got a prematurely developed egomaniacal company control your food. If Monsanto displayed true innovation (without creating a singly developed product that they clone and thus create a disease-sensitive web) I'd gladly throw the man under the bus. But idiots like "Former Eden Employee" need to be whistle blowers with wisdom and balls - before they cry wolf.

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I too am curious about how this shook out. As much as I believe in making family planning readily available, what really tipped me into the boycott camp was Potter being such a dumb@ss in all his interviews.

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Eden Foods Lawsuit

I'd love to see an update to this article.
Has he backed down? Did the religious argument hold water in spite of his remarks?

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I would love an update too

FYI - Mr Potter exposed his true moral center and personality to the consuming world. His conflicting methodology is his typical behavior. Within the organic food industry, he is a well known and well joked about personality. What is more sad is his choice of the management style.

Sad choice of Management Style

The entire company is the strangest, unlawful company that I have ever worked for. Since this lawsuit, several female employees have left.

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