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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is widespread in the American workplace, and has a profound impact on women. Sexual harassment ranges from derogatory comments to unwanted sexual advances and threats to sexual assault, and rape. Harassment can have particularly negative consequences for workers in low-wage jobs because these workers can least afford to have their livelihoods threatened. We are working to end harassment and ensure that all workers have an effective remedy when harassment occurs.  The Fair Employment Protection Act provides crucial protections for workers from harassment.

Learn more about the harassment in the workplace:


Fact Sheet | Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

July 31, 2000

This fact sheet explains the legal definition of sexual harassment and describes its prevalence and its impact on women in the workplace


Fact Sheet | Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

July 31, 2000

This fact sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions about sexual harassment, including a definition of sexual harassment, steps to take if you believe you are experiencing sexual harassment, and information about filing a legal claim.


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