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Women continue to face restrictions on accessing reproductive health care. In addition to restrictions on abortion and birth control, women face hospitals that won't correctly treat an ectopic pregnancy, pharmacists that refuse to fill a woman's birth control prescription, and even employers that want to fire a woman for using in vitro fertilization. We are working to stop these threats to a woman's ability to make the best decision for her, her family, and her future.


Fact Sheet | States Take Action to Stop Bosses’ Religious Beliefs from Trumping Women’s Reproductive Health Care Decisions

October 17, 2014

Across the country, employers are using their religious beliefs to discriminate against their employees because of their employees’ personal reproductive health care decisions. Women are being punished or fired for using birth control, for undergoing in vitro fertilization in order to get pregnant, or for having sex without being married. The Supreme Court’s recent decision permitting some bosses to refuse to provide insurance coverage of birth control to their female employees highlights how a boss’s religious beliefs are trumping an employee’s health and access to the health care they and their families need.

Employers should not be allowed to use their personal religious beliefs to discriminate against employees who typically come from all different faiths. Fortunately, states have begun to step forward to protect employees, introducing legislation to make it clear that bosses cannot obstruct or coerce an employee when that employee makes a personal reproductive health care decision.


Fact Sheet | Requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Disclose Limits on Care Is Part of a Long Tradition of Protecting Women’s Decision-making and Access to Reproductive Health Care

April 9, 2013

Women face many obstacles to receiving comprehensive, affordable, quality health care, including when individuals and institutions refuse to provide health care services.   Some even go so far as to refuse to inform women about their health care options or even to notify women that there are certain services or information that they will not provide.  This prevents women from participating fully in their own medical decision-making.  Not only are their rights compromised, their health may be harmed.


Legal Briefs & Testimony | NWLC Amicus Briefs Supporting the Contraceptive Coverage Benefit

May 30, 2014

The Center is filing friend of the court briefs in lawsuits challenging the federal contraceptive coverage benefit, brought by employers who want to deny their employees this important benefit.  These cases involve suits brought under the First Amendment to the US Constitution and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  These cases will decide whether a boss’s religious beliefs trump women’s health and women’s access to the health care they need.


Fact Sheet | If Opponents of Birth Control Have Their Way, Millions of Women Would Lose Access to Birth Control

September 14, 2012

Opponents of birth control in Congress are working night and day to enact new laws and policies that would deny millions of women access to birth control -- including access already guaranteed to women by law. Thankfully, so far, supporters of birth control have stopped the worst of these Congressional attacks.  Although the anti-birth control efforts have taken several forms, they all would have the same effect: taking birth control coverage away from women nationwide. A comparison of opponents’ and supporters’ legislative priorities makes the difference clear: while opponents of contraception would take it away from women, supporters work to ensure that women have access to affordable birth control.


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