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Federal Tax Policy

We're working for responsible tax policies to ensure that we have the revenues needed to invest in our common future. We're working to reverse the provisions of the 2001-2003 tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest Americans, restore a fair estate tax, close tax loopholes for the wealthy and corporations, and ensure that those with the means to pay their fair share of taxes do so.


Fact Sheet | President Obama’s FY 2016 Budget: Revenues

March 23, 2015

President Obama’s FY 2016 budget would promote tax fairness and raise revenue needed to support vital programs, finance new investments to help families get ahead, and reduce the deficit by closing tax loopholes and curbing tax breaks for wealthy investors, corporations, and large financial institutions.


Fact Sheet | Two-Thirds of Benefits from Improved Tax Credits for Working Families Go to Women and Their Families

December 15, 2014

This fact sheet explains why, when Congress considers changes to the tax code, a key priority should be making improvements in tax credits for working families permanent.


Fact Sheet | What’s at Stake for Women in the Debate about Tax Extenders

October 29, 2014

Years of tax policies that have disproportionately benefited wealthy individuals and big corporations have left the United States with a tax system that is both unbalanced and insufficient to meet national priorities.  Unfair tax breaks cost the federal government billions of dollars a year – money that could be used to protect the most vulnerable now and expand opportunity for a stronger future for everyone.


Coalition Action Materials | NWLC opposes the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act of 2014 (H.R. 4935)

August 1, 2014

The National Women's Law Center sent a letter to the House of Representatives urging members to vote against the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act of 2014 (H.R. 4935) because it would increase poverty, especially among women and children.


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Fact Sheet | President Obama’s FY 2016 Budget: Revenues

March 23, 2015

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March 19, 2015

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March 04, 2015

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February 26, 2015

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February 11, 2015