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New National Women's Law Center Campaign Responds to Recent Attacks on Reproductive Health

February 28, 2012

(Washington, D.C.) Responding to recent attacks on reproductive health care, the National Women’s Law Center today launched a campaign, My Health is NOT Up for Debate™, to educate the public about wide-ranging threats to this basic care and mobilize women to protect and expand access to it.

“Attacks on women’s reproductive health care are at an all-time high,” said Marcia D. Greenberger, Co-President of the National Women’s Law Center. “Just last week, lawmakers in Virginia were poised to force women to have an invasive and unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound before having an abortion. Right now, Oklahoma is trying to give fertilized eggs legal rights, while Pennsylvania, Idaho and Alabama are picking up where Virginia left off. In Texas, the governor is slashing funding for reproductive health clinics that serve low-income women.”

The Center launched its year-long campaign with the release of a 60-second video, “Hurdles,” which uses actual hurdles to highlight how in 2011 states enacted a record 92 restrictions, including ultrasound requirements, that create dangers to women’s health and limit access to abortion. This disturbing trend is being echoed on Capitol Hill, where the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow hospitals to deny women life-saving abortion care and eliminate funding for family planning services. Already in 2012, members of Congress have introduced legislation that would roll back birth control coverage, an important advance for women in the new health care law. A Senate vote is expected soon on the Blunt amendment, which would give virtually limitless license to any employer or insurance plan to exclude any health service from coverage.

“Lawmakers in Congress and across the country have erected dangerous hurdles for women to jump over to get the reproductive health care they need,” Greenberger said. But women are fighting back. They drew a line in the sand in Mississippi, defeating a fetal personhood amendment, and in Virginia, blocking a harmful ultrasound bill. This powerful outcry should serve as a warning to overreaching politicians everywhere. Women will not sit back and allow politicians to continue to jeopardize women’s health. Women everywhere are mobilizing to tell their lawmakers: our health is NOT up for debate!”

Today, the Center is asking supporters to sign a petition telling leaders that their health is NOT up for debate. In coming weeks and months, the Center will launch other videos on the threats to women’s reproductive health, ask supporters to take action on legislative threats in Congress, join the conversation on Twitter using the #nodebate hashtag, and participate in other ways as the campaign unfolds.

The video is available on YouTube.


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