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Women and Poverty, State by State

More than one in seven women, more than 18 million, lived in poverty last year. Poverty rates were particularly high for families headed by single mothers — four in ten (39.8 percent) were poor. Nearly six in ten poor children (56.7 percent) lived in female-headed families in 2014. Read more »

Women at Risk of Losing Affordable Health Insurance

UPDATE: In a 6 – 3 decision, the Court ruled in King v. Burwell that the law allows the federal government to provide tax credits to offset the cost of insurance purchased from the federally-facilitated health insurance Marketplaces—a core aspect of the ACA. Read more »

Girls, Sports, and Equality: A State-by-State Ranking on Title IX

High schools across the country are not providing girls with their fair share of spots on sports teams. The table and map below rank states based on what percentage of their high schools have large gender equity gaps in sports. Read more »

The Wage Gap for Mothers, State by State

Women in the U.S. who work full time, year round are typically paid only 78 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts, but the wage gap between mothers and fathers is even larger — mothers who work outside the home full time, year round typically make only 70 cents for every dollar paid to fathers.

Women and the Minimum Wage, State by State

The minimum wage is falling short for millions of Americans — especially for women, who represent about two-thirds of minimum wage workers across the country, and at least half of minimum wage workers in every state. Today, the federal minimum wage is just $7.25 per hour, and full-time earnings of $14,500 a year leave a family of three thousands of dollars below the federal poverty line.

Pregnancy Accommodation Laws, State by State

More than 35 years after the passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, pregnant women still face challenges on the job. Pregnant workers, especially those in physically demanding jobs, are often terminated, forced to quit, or involuntarily placed on unpaid "medical" leave because they ask for simple, reasonable, and temporary accommodations during their pregnancies.

Interactive Map: Women and Men in the Low-Wage Workforce

In almost every state working women are at least twice as likely as men to have a low-wage job—and in some states they are almost three times as likely. Read more »

Interactive Graphic: Women in Low-Wage Jobs

There are nearly 20 million workers in the low-wage workforce. Over 13 million of them—two-thirds—are women, even though women are less than half of the overall workforce.  Read more »

Poverty and Opportunity Profile: Mothers

More than 35 million mothers live with minor children in the United States; 6.5 million, nearly one in five, are poor; and another 3.6 million live between 100 percent and 150 percent of the poverty line. The challenges of unequal pay and low wages that many women face—especially women of color—are compounded by the additional responsibilities many mothers bear, particularly single mothers. Read more »