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Audio and Transcript for How State and Local Advocates Stopped Cutbacks and Achieved Successes

In this call, state advocates from California, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, and New York discuss how they stopped child care cutbacks in their states and achieved successes in this challenging fiscal climate.

Call participants included:

  • Kim Johnson, Public Policy Manager at California Resource and Referral Network
  • Scott Moore, Senior Policy Advisor at Preschool California
  • Christine Robinson, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at Illinois Action for Children
  • Sheila Hansen, Policy Director at Child and Family Policy Center in Iowa
  • Cynthia Rice, Senior Policy Analyst at Association for Children of New Jersey
  • Betty Holcomb, Policy Director at Center for Children’s Initiatives in New York

We've included outreach materials and reports used by the call participants during their efforts to stave off cuts and improve child care assistance in their respective states. Download the materials below.

Download full audio and a written transcript of the call below.

Audio: State and Local Advocates Conference Call