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Join Us to Put Child Care on the Map!

You know how important it is for families to have access to good, reliable, high-quality child care. You know that child care is early learning, and also a crucial support for working parents. You also know that good care is in short supply, and that the need for assistance with paying for child care is increasing all around us.

Join us: Sign Up Today to Put Child Care on the Map!

We have a lot of ground to cover this year to make sure every Member of Congress hears about child care in their community: They need to hear about the real children, parents, and providers that know first-hand that child care matters.

Whether it's early learning opportunities or employers who count on staff to come every day, subsidy assistance or tax credits or dollars to improve quality.

Our Members of Congress need to hear about the good things happening for young children in the classroom, and they need to hear about the waiting lists and families turned away. They need to hear that you want them to support a funding increase for CCDBG, and they need to hear about the consequences if we don’t get that investment.

Members of Congress will be in their state and district offices many times in the coming months. This is a great opportunity. We need to put child care on the map!

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First, make sure you've signed up to receive updates from the initiative! Then, if you need feedback or want to add YOUR activity to the map, email Amy Qualliotine at NWLC, Meredith Dodson at RESULTS, or Mary Beth Salomone Testa at the Early Care and Education Consortium to tell us about your activities. We can help you find additional resources and add your pin to the map!

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