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“The Ford Foundation has invested in the Center since its inception and helped the Center grow into the powerhouse for women and their families that it is today. The Foundation is proud to be a part of the Center’s legacy—as well as its future—with the establishment of an endowment fund to ensure that the Center’s mission and work endure and flourish in the years to come.” 

–Susan Berresford, President of the Ford Foundation, 1996 – 2008

For over 40 years, generous donors—many who've been with us from the start—have supported our efforts to write new laws and get them enacted. They've helped us go to court and win landmark rulings. They've supported our public education efforts to make sure people know their rights and have a real chance to make the law work for them. New victories are possible, and you can make the difference. For more information, contact the Vice President for Development, at (202) 588-5180 or via email.

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