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Tax Credits Outreach

Tax Credits Outreach Each year we partner with advocates and community leaders across the country to conduct a public education campaign aimed at informing families about state and federal tax benefits for which they may be eligible. This year, the tax credits available to low- and moderate-income families are more valuable than ever.

With your help, families could receive:

  • Up to $6,143 from the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. 
  • Up to $1,000 per child from the federal Child Tax Credit. 
  • Up to $2,100 from the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. 
  • The Premium Tax Credit (available under the Affordable Care Act) can help families who qualify for health insurance through the Marketplace pay for insurance coverage throughout 2015.

And many states offer their own versions of these credits as well!

These tax credits are available to all eligible families, and there is free tax preparation assistance available to help families fill out their tax returns. Help make sure that families know about the credits, and how to claim them, so they don’t miss out on thousands of dollars in valuable tax assistance.

SIGN UP: Become an NWLC Tax Credits Outreach Campaign Community Partner and check out our list of current Community Partners that are spreading the word about tax credits across the country!


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