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Share Your Story: Do you have a Title IX story to share?

Do you have a Title IX story to share?

More than 40 years of breaking down barriers for women and girls is a spectacular achievement, and we want to mark this milestone and launch Title IX forward into its next 40 years and beyond.  But we need your help!

The National Women's Law Center is compiling Title IX stories from the past and present. We're determined to keep the pressure on to fulfill the law's promise, and by sharing your story today, you can help us do just that.

Please share your story, and we're not just talking about sports stories. Do you have a story about the science and technology fields, about school bullying and harassment, or about pregnant and/or parenting students? Title IX reaches all those issues and more — and we want to hear those stories, too!

Please note: The National Women’s Law Center will compile the stories and may use them, in whole or in part, in our advocacy efforts.